July 16 - 21, 2015


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Imagine spending a long weekend with over fifty men who share your fascination with corporal punishment scenes.   Imagine an open environment where you are free to explore the fantasies that you never thought you would actually get to experience.   Imagine the freedom of spanking inside or private or or night.   Imagine all of these things and you have imagined Camp Red Tails !

Camp Red Tails is a fantasy weekend at a private campsite about 150 miles north of San Francisco, California.   It features various accommodations of cabins and dormitory style rooms, all with modern amenities and three delicious meals each day.   Free snacks and beverages are available around the clock.   The camp has a swimming pool and hot tub, hiking trails, a volleyball court and other activities - although the primary activity at this camp is spanking!

A large assembly room is equipped with bondage furniture for a variety of scenes, in addition to a number of tables and couches that are conducive for more domestic spankings.   There are some group activities, with optional participation of the campers.   For years we have jokingly said that the only rule of Camp Red Tails is that "All campers are forbidden from doing anything that they do not want to do!"

Camp Red Tails is unlike any other spanking party or event in the world.   Many spanking fans have traveled from all over the United States, as well as internationally, to experience this unique camp - and many come back year after year.   Because of the limited number of bunks, early reservations are highly recommended.

Camp Red Tails is held mid-July each year, starting on a Thursday afternoon and running through the following Monday morning.   We hope that you will join us to experience the fun, freedom and friendship that is " Camp Red Tails "!

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Camp Red Tails

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