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ISSUE 49      SUMMER, 2002 :  

Cover art of an 'over the horse' strapping by "C" of Sweden

Ask C.P. Justice   (Consensual play). Brief Notes (featuring a full page of photos). " The Regulators - The Mavericks "   (Edited by Gilbert Connelly: illustrated by Copper). Editorial   (Folsom Street Fairs and the Supreme Court). New Video Announcement:   " Prison Yard Punishment ". Two page photo layout of "Spanking Out Doors" (from M.H.F. videos). Full page drawing of a judicial strapping (by Copper). Full page drawing of an OTK whipping (by "C" of Sweden). Full page of a monk spanking a boy (by Franco). " In the Office "   (2 page cartoon by Copper). " The Bellboy "   (Fiction by Anonymous; illustrated by Stingray). Spanking in the News (UCLA Bruin and Los Angeles Times). The Webmaster (including an illustration by Spryte)


ISSUE 50      WINTER, 2002 :  

Cover art of a military paddling by Squire

Ask C.P. Justice   (Unusual spanking tools and video competitors). Brief Notes (all photographs from Calvin Klein). " The Regulators - Cattle Drive "   (Edited by Gilbert Connelly; illustrated by Copper). Editorial   (Our philosophy on videos). Two page photo layout from the new video " SMPD - Breaking and Entering ". Full page of photos from the Folsom Street Fair (2002). Full page of photos from the new video " Cotton and Denim ". Full page drawing of " Bed Time " (by Copper). Full page drawing of judicial strapping (by "C" of Sweden). " Wrestlers Weigh-In Whacks "   (3 page cartoon by Copper). " Corps of Cadets "   (Fiction by Anonymous; illustrated by Stingray). " Caught by Dad " (Fiction by Michael Davis; illustrated by Copper). Spanking in the News (ABC News and Fargo Forum). The Webmaster


ISSUE 51      SPRING, 2003 :  

Cover art of naked man standing in front of an array of tools by Copper

Ask C.P. Justice   (Undressing for a spanking; illustrations by Copper). Brief Notes (with two pages of photos). " Off-Campus Coffee House "   (Fiction by Alan Powers; illustrated by Clyde Barker). Editorial   (Privacy rights). Two page photo layout from four recent M.H.F. videos. Two page photo layout from Man's Hand Classic videos. Full page drawing of a domestic caning (by Axel). Full page drawing of a period birching (by "C" of Sweden). Full page drawing of a completed belting (by Michael Kirwan). Full page drawing of " The Professors Final Exam " (by Franco). " The Rorschach Test "   (A full page cartoon by Copper). " Life in the Fifties - The Woodshop "   (Fiction by Henry Mark; illustrated by Copper). Spanking in the News (New Jersey Star Ledger and Weekly World News). The Webmaster


ISSUE 52      SUMMER, 2003 :  

Cover art of a belting in a barn by Roscoe

Ask C.P. Justice   (The "inner child" of spanking and a free paddle offer website). Brief Notes (featuring 2 pages of recent advertisements). " Mr. Henderson's Revenge "   (Fiction by BadboyScott; illustrated by Copper). Editorial   (The Lawrence Decision by the Supreme Court). Two page photo layout from the new video " SMPD - Malicious Mischief ". Full page drawing of a master strapping his boy (by "C" of Sweden). Full page drawing of a black master paddling a white boy (by Michael Kirwan). Full page drawing of " Happy Birthday " (by Franco). A Three-Page Picture Story (by Sean). " Conscience Decison "   (A full page cartoon by Copper). " Spanking Wooden Soldiers "   (Fiction written and illustrated by Copper). Spanking in the News (AP Wire and New York Times). The Webmaster


Issue 53, Winter 2003

Cover art of an over-the-the-horse flogging by “C of Sweden”
“Ask CP Justice” (on school spankings and training tops),
“Saving Dad’s Ass” written and illusrated by Copper. 
“Brief Notes” (three pages of underwear photographs).
Editiorial on gay marriage and citizens’ rights.
 Two page photo layout from the new Man’ Hand video “Fair Trade.” 
Three page art-story by Sean. 
“A Trip to “Dad’s” House” written by Spanking Dad and illustrated by Copper. 
Full page drawings by Roscoe, Michael Kirwan and Axel. 
“Spanking in the Movies” (featuring photos from the movies “Toilers and Wayfarers”, “Basketball Diaries” and “Footballer’s Wives”. 
“Spanking in the News” (Stamford CT Advocate, Canadian Press and Time Magazine). 
A list of international spanking parties and “The Webmaster
Hard Time,” a full page spanking cartoon by Copper.


Issue 54, Summer 2004

Cover art of an over-the-the-knee spanking by Copper
Spanking Attitudes: Are they real? - The Making of a Man's Hand Video
“Ask CP Justice” (protecting yourself from assult charges)
“Life in the 50's Coach's Practice ” written by Henry Mark and illusrated by Copper. 
“Brief Notes” (three pages of underwear photographs).
 Two page photo layout from the new Man’ Hand video “Carnival Heat.” 
“Camp Brat ” written by Copper by an illustration by Jonathan.   
Club Red Tails
Scrap Book - Fun Pics with a Spanking Theme
Webmaster - Reviews of noteworthy cp themed websites
Comix "Tuff Lessons" by Rosco


ISSUE 55 FALL 2004
Cover of a paddling by "C of Sweden"
"Spanking Attitudes" on the 2004 presidential election
"Ask C.P. Justice" on tawses and how to get Dad's attention
"The Stockroom Window" story written and illustrated by Copper
"Brief Notes" with two pages of underwear pics
"SMPD 3" two page photo spread from the new video
"West Texas 1952" story by Gil Connelly and illustrated by Sean
Full page illustrations by "C of Sweden" and Copper
"The Hardest Lap" full page of photos from the new video
"Webmaster" featuring seven on-line spanking sites
"Club Red Tails" and "Spanking Scrapbook"
"Physical Therapy" 3 page comix by Copper



(Starting with this issue, Red Tails featured a full-color front and back cover, had 50 pages and featured improved reproduction on all photographs and drawings)

Cover: "The Yell Leader" by Copper
Full page illustration of an over-the-knee hand spanking by "C" of Sweden.
A tribute to the late artist "Sean" with a full page of his spanking drawings.
"What I Did on My Summer Vacation" (a spanking tour of northern Europe) by Copper illustrated with photographs.
A full page drawing of a boy being whipped by Michael Kirwan.
"The Boy in the Mirror": fiction by Eddie Knapps and illustrated with photos from a Man's Hand video.
"Brief Notes" with a page-and-a-half of photographs.
A full page illustration of a young man who was caned by two men in uniform by "C" of Sweden.
"Who's in Charge?" and "Judgement Day": A two page photo-spread from Man's Hand's newest video.
"My Red Ass Weekend" fiction by Samuel B. Cassidy, illustrated by Copper.
"Spanking in the Movies" featuring "Dazed and Confused" and Jamie Fox's Oscar acceptance speech.
"The Webmaster" highlighting six on-line spanking sites.
"Bear Ass Spanking": a three-page comix by Copper.


FALL 2005 / ISSUE 57

Full color cover photo from “Barn Chores”
Full page illustration of a tawsing by Copper
“Spanking Attitudes” on the new adult video laws
A full page illustration of a judicial strapping by “C” of Sweden
“What I Did on My Summer Vacation - England” by Copper
“A Birching at Eton: In Their Own Words” A 3 page comic by Copper
“Barn Chores” An Anonymous Story illustrated with photographs
Photo Pages: “SMPD 4: Moving Violation”
and “The Trouble With Brothers”
“The Assembly Line” An illustrated story by Copper
Folsom Street Fair 2005 - A report illustrated with photographs
“Brief Notes” 3 pages of underwear related stories and pictures
“Webmaster” Reviewing Club CP, Spank Bengels, CP Services, Abercrombie and Fitch, Yahoo Groups: Wranglers, Hotguys Arrested and Military Discipline.
“The Brothers Grimace” A two page comic by Copper



Issue 52 Summer 2006

Cover: Color illustration by Franco Full page illustration of "The Businessman's Special"
by "C" of Sweden "Spanking Attitudes" on Personal Rights and Opinions "C.P. Justice" on Red Flags and Canes "The Island of Dr. Bottomthrob: A Fantasy Inspired by
illustrations by Franco

2 pages of color photographs from recently re-mastered
videos from Man's Hand Films "Driven to Spank" Story by BadboyScottCO and
illustrated by Copper "Underwear Drawer" featuring World Cup fever "The Webmaster" reviewing Badjocks, Boy's Boarding
School, Mr. S Leather, The Fetish Auctioneer, and
Yahoo Groups from Austrian Gay MenSpanking and
Fraternity Initiations "Corporal Cartoons" A color comic-page by Copper

Four Issues: Summer 2006, Fall 2006, Winter 2007, and
Spring 2007
Much of content is now in dazzling full-color!
Each issue includes two stories with custom
illustraions, at least two pages of full-color
photographs from our videos, Brief Notes with stunning
underwear photos, color comics, C.P. Justice, Spanking
in Movies or Television, Spanking in the News, the
Webmaster's reviews, original Art and much more!
(This offer does not include access to the Member's
Only website)

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VOL. 8      AUGUST, 1993 :  

Cover photograph from " Daisy Chain Spanking " video

Brief Notes   (by Jacques E. Shorts)

" Camp Red Tails "   (Fiction by Scott Tandy; illustrated with M.H.F. photos)

The Comic Page   (2 page cartoon by Cody)

Editorial   (Defining "fetish")

Spanking in the News   (US Magazine, LA Times, Fort Worth Star Telegram, Muncie Evening Press and Muncie Star)

Spanking Survey Results